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Have you ever felt like you had a special mission or purpose in life even if you had no idea what it actually was?  For most of my life I had this feeling that I was special and was here to do something only I could do.  I lost sight of that feeling for a while after my mother died and I struggled to remember who I was (emotionally and metaphorically, not literally from amnesia or anything) and I spent YEARS trying to find it.


Life Purpose – We ALL Have Our Own Unique One

I was building a business around my life purpose and I wanted that for everyone.  I believe with every cell in my body that we are all meant to be living our unique purpose.  You may do the same work as someone else, but you are unique because of who you are, the life and work experiences you’ve had, the strengths and talents you bring, the challenges and pain that have shaped you, the passions you feel and the vision you have.  All of those elements swirl into a tight center like the colorful stripes on a giant whirly lollipop.  That center is your purpose.


It’s not something just for the lucky people.  It’s for you (for all of us)! You are here with your own unique offering and it’s your duty to share it with those who need it.  


Some of my own emotional blocks were keeping me from fully stepping into my purpose.  I was getting caught up in my perfectionist tendencies; my inner control freak was totally out of control; I was virtually unable to “go with the flow” under any circumstances.  I fought with every fiber of my being for what I thought I was “supposed to do” without paying attention to the roadblocks I ran into.  Those roadblocks drove me crazy, but instead of stopping to see what purpose they might serve, I kept pushing and forcing and I was making it so hard.


I also suffered from what I call the “classic seeker syndrome” where I had a million ideas but I couldn’t get traction on any of them.  So I was forever spinning my wheels getting nowhere.


All of these blocks were showing up in my business and they were all keeping me from fully living up to my potential and making the money I wanted to make.


I wanted my world to be limitless, but I wasn’t stepping into it fully.  I was still stuck in my own money story.  I got tripped up over and over again with the money part.


Then I found something I had written in my journal a year before that totally turned me around:

Your money situation is a direct reflection of your feelings of safety and security AND your belief in yourself and your gifts.  It will only flow to you when you believe in yourself.  You have to take the first step and put yourself out there in risk knowing that it will come to you when you fully believe and trust.”


Change the World

I noticed that as I was shedding my limiting beliefs and thinking bigger I was attracting clients with bigger, bolder visions.  Women who were on a mission of their own. Then one day I heard myself say to a woman, “I know what you mean, you want to change the world!”  There it was.  Those simple, yet profound words.  I want to change the world.


I believed I could change the world.  Now, for the first time, I had said it out loud (to someone other than my husband) and it felt REAL. And everything changed.


I embrace my life purpose, to help people reach their full potential, serve a greater good AND give them financial freedom.  


You are here to do something ONLY YOU can doI can help you do that.  Now, you just have to ask yourself if you’re ready to bring this vision to life.


You’ll never regret doing it, but you will regret NOT doing it.

I’m Ready To Take The Leap!

I’m Still Afraid.

Which One Are You?

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