Are You Committed To Living Into Your Purpose
And Sharing Your Gifts With The World
In The Biggest, Boldest Way You Can?  
Are you ready to Own the Lion Within You? 


Which One Describes You Best? 


You’ve Just Started A Business Or You’re Thinking About It AND: 

  • Are Scared, But Your Passion & Desire Propel You Forward. 
  • Are Excited, But the Practical Part Of You Is Worried Because You’re Not Making Enough Money.
  • Tend to Get Excited By Lots Of Different Things & You Don’t Want To Limit Yourself To Just One Thing. 
  • Are Overwhelmed & Confused About Where To Focus.
  • Want More Clarity, But the Fear Of Limiting Yourself & Your Client Base Scares You to Death.


You’re In Business AND:

  • Know Who Your Ideal Clients Are & What You Do For Them – At Least You Think You Do. 
  • Have Inconsistent Income – Some Months Are Fabulous While Others Months You Worry About Paying the Bills.
  • Feel Like You Should Be So Much Further Along By Now. 
  • Feel Like You’re Taking One Step Forward & Two Steps Back.
  • Feel Overwhelmed & Don’t Know What To Do About It. 
  • Have Invested In Yourself & Your Business, But You’re Still Not Getting the Results You Desire.
  • Don’t Know Why You Can’t Make It Happen Or Keep It Happening Consistently, Something Has To Change. 

I spent years nurturing my dream and taking it from the spark I experienced in 2005 to the business I LOVE today.  I’ve laughed, loved and cried through every minute of it and I’m crying as I write this.  

Crying because of what it’s taken to get me here where I can share what I’ve learned with you. 

And crying because I can make this journey of a lifetime an easier one for you to take. 



The Find Your ROAR Attraction Activation System™


Awaken the Desire

  • Acknowledging Your Calling
  • Exploring Your Unique Purpose as a Business
  • Opening Up to Your Greatest Potential 

Create the Vision

  • Crystalizing Your Vision of Your Business & Your Life
  • Reclaiming Your Authenticity
  • Stretching Your Horizons
  • Embracing the Possibilities
  • Monetizing Your Purpose

Build the Bridge

  • Mining Your Life for Clues
  • Transforming Your Disappointments and Disasters Into Epiphanies and Opportunities
  • Using Your Authenticity As a Beacon to Attract & Inspire Your Ideal Clients
  • Releasing Control & Creating Synchronistic Opportunities
  • Spinning Straw Into Gold – The Missing Link to the Law of Attraction 

Live the Dream

  • Accepting & Allowing What You’re Attracting, Manifesting & Creating
  • Living In Your Now
  • Owning the Lion Within
  • Reaping the Rewards

Awaken the Desire (Again!)

  • Celebrating Your Evolution
  • Acknowledging Your Next Phase
  • Embracing Your Destiny




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