Are You Guilty of Doing This Too?

This week I want to talk about something that I continue to struggle with and I know you may have the same problem.

I have invested in my business by joining a business development program.  The founder of the program is a hugely successful, very well known business coach, marketing and mindset expert.

The program is extremely well organized including detailed templates and checklists on how to set up your business, your systems and especially your marketing.

Everything follows a sequence and has a place, it all lines up beautifully and it’s repeatable. 

So all summer I worked my butt off implementing one new thing after another.  Some things I really wanted to implement, but there were a lot of moving parts and I kept running into technology glitches.  (my Kryptonite).  So I held off.  and I held off and I held off. 

There was a program I really wanted to implement, but I had myself convinced based on what I was learning that I needed to have certain things in place.  And not only could I not get all the pieces in place, the ones I had began falling apart. 

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