Are You Lying to Yourself and Everyone Else?

Are You Lying to Yourself and Everyone Else?

I have been lying to myself and to you.  And I suspect you may be doing the same thing. 

There’s a lot of conversation out there right now about Authenticity and there are lots of people (including me) who claimed to be authentic but really haven’t been.  As heart centered entrepreneurs and Purpose-Preneurs we’re probably more guilty of that than others.  I know it seems totally offensive and hypocritical to say that, but listen to what I mean here:

If you need help being more authentic, playing a bigger game, bringing your purpose to life so the hundreds and thousands of people who need YOU can find you and benefit from your wisdom, experience and gifts, then stand up big and tall and ask for help.  It’s the first step to playing a BIGGER GAME AND HAVING THE IMPACT YOU KNOW YOU CAN HAVE.  You can’t do it alone and the good news is you don’t have to!

Start by uncovering your blocks, let’s see what you’re working with: - it will only cost you 10 minutes of your time.

And if you’re ready to start playing a bigger game, send me an email and share some of your wisdom, let me know what tip/technique you can share that will have an impact on someone else’s life and business.


That’s all for now.

Big Hugs and a Big ROAR!!!!

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