Quieting My Monkey Brain

I was talking with a client this morning about ways to help get her through her next two weeks of activities and stress.  You may be familiar with this problem: you have a list of a million things to do, some that you are dreading, fearful you will let something slip through the cracks.  You think you are keeping it under control by reviewing the list over and over in your head.  Maybe it’s all written down, but that still doesn’t stop you from mentally keeping a tally of what’s on the list, what’s done and what’s left, when you’ll do it, etc.  Each time you cross something off the list you hope for that feeling of relief, but you never quite relax.  Probably because you keep adding to your list!  If you have any control freak tendencies you may also feel compelled to get it all done yourself!

When I review my clients’ Energetic Footprints™ I can always tell who has this tendency because they have an active Third Eye (Energy Center/chakra responsible for intuition, reasoning, intellect, analysis, vision) and an inactive or blocked Root (EC/chakra responsible for stability, security, being in the moment).  Even if you have never seen your Energetic Footprint™, have no idea what a chakra is, you can surely relate to feeling distracted, frazzled, overwhelmed and disconnected at least once in a while.

The biggest problem with Monkey Brain is that it keeps you from manifesting your goals and desires.  As long as you’re living in your head it’s difficult to bring all of your ideas and plans to life.  You get so focused on crossing items off your list that you end up forcing things and making mistakes, bringing about the inevitable melt down.

So, how do you quiet your Monkey Brain?  You Ground Your Energy.  This process takes seconds and can be done anywhere, anytime.  This exercise is used by many energy practitioners.  I have no idea where it originated.

From a standing position (preferably in bare feet), close your eyes, take a deep breath in (through your nose).  As you exhale picture a cord dropping from your tailbone straight down to the center of the earth.  At the center, picture a great big magnet.  That magnet is pulling your cord and holding it tight.  If you’re still not feeling fully connected, imagine your legs as tree trunks with your feet as the roots.  The roots are growing deep under the ground and they are travelling all the way into the center of the earth.  As you continue to inhale and exhale push your breath down your spine and through the cord all the way down.  Gently sway from side to side and feel how steady you are and how deeply connected you are to the earth beneath you.

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The Voice In Your Head – Who does she think she is!!

You know exactly which voice I’m talking about, don’t you?  You’ve heard it, it’s the one that tells you how fat you are, how stupid you are, constantly reminds you what you have screwed up, and what you cannot do, be or have.  You’ve heard that voice your whole life.  She has talked you out of things and talked you into them too.  She makes so much sense sometimes it’s hard not to listen to her!

She’s very practical, extremely outspoken, and tells it like it is.  Or does she?  She was created by your subconscious at the very beginning of YOU.  She filtered information from the people who took care of you – like your parents-which is why she sometimes sounds like them!  Her job was to keep you safe and secure.  She represents the boundaries that were created to keep you out of harm’s way.  When you strayed beyond the safety zone she was there to reign you back in.  She kept you from physical and emotional danger – by replaying your parents warnings against running into traffic, and she recorded the experience you had when you burned yourself touching the hot stove.  She kept track of literally millions of messages, warnings and experiences and played them for you to keep you safe.  She came in very handy when you were four years old!

As you grew older and your world got bigger, she stayed the same.  It became more difficult for her to keep you safe, so her voice got louder and more aggressive, sometimes downright mean.  Nobody told her that your needs changed.  She never got the memo.  So, there she is still trying to keep you living within the boundaries t you needed as a toddler.  She keeps you safe, by keeping your world small.  She is so dedicated to that mission that she will do and say anything (play dirty tricks, replay bad memories and deep fears) to keep you “safe”.

We give so much power to this Voice. We let her make decisions for us, give us advice, dictate how we live!  We let her hold us back from  our own greatness because we believe her.  We may think of her as our Divine or Inner Guidance, but in reality she is a relic of our past.  She is an alarm system we no longer need.

The next time you hear her harsh, critical, attention grabbing, paranoid, cruel voice, dismiss her.  Look at her for what she is.  Talk back to her!  Tell her to beat it!  Feel free to use any kind of language that feels good to you!  If you want to tell her to F**K Off, do it!  Don’t worry about being nice, she never does!  If you’re not that angry, you can simply thank her for her years of service, acknowledge her “point of view” (that’s all it is!).  But don’t give her credit for being your Inner Guidance.  Your True Inner Guidance doesn’t threaten you or manipulate you with fear, she inspires you and help you see your beauty, strength, power and promise.

If you would like support banishing your “Voice” and want to connect with your Inner Guidance and Goddess, click here to schedule your complimentary Energy Diagnostic Session.

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