Clear The Path

I created this program for women entrepreneurs who:

  • Feel stuck and frustrated in your business
  • Love the work you do, but struggle getting clients & paying the bills
  • Struggle balancing your business and your family
  • Feel like you are being pulled in too many different directions

This program may be perfect for you if you:

  • Know your business has great potential but you are not getting the return on your emotional and financial investment in it
  • Know you have a great product/service and you are tired of giving it away!
  • Want to feel more confident when speaking with clients and prospects
  • Feel like you are right on the edge of it! So close that you can almost touch it, but not quite.
  • Are fearful of turning customers away! After all, you are struggling to get customers and clients, why would you want to narrow it down and limit potential clients and customers!
  • Have great ideas and lots of energy, but you feel pulled in many different directions and never progress as far in any one direction as you would like.

In this program we will use your Energetic Footprint™ to determine what emotional and external obstacles you are facing and we will:

  • Use the Emotional Energy Diagnostic™ and your unique Energetic Footprint™ to help you tap into your own internal guidance system to find the answers.
  • Use your own Emotional Energy Centers (chakras) to get clarity on what is keeping you stuck and focus on moving it out of your way.
  • Locate the disconnection between your goals and your Energetic Footprint™ and create a plan to get you on track.
  • Determine your core issues, uncover the emotional blocks and develop an action plan to address behavioral patterns that are keeping you stuck.

To help you Magnetize Your Ideal Clients we will:

  • Create Marketing Language that
    • GRABS the attention of your Ideal Clients Immediately AND
    • Takes the FEAR out of the question: what do you do?
    • Will make it Easy and Enjoyable for Friends and Colleagues to REFER Clients to You

Here are some outcomes you can expect from this program:

  • You will fully embrace your power, allowing you to feel genuinely comfortable charging what you are worth without doubt, fear or guilt.
  • You will become a beacon that attracts clients and money.
  • You will feel confident in your ability to attract and serve your clients on the deepest level.
  • Your conversations with prospects will be guided by your desire to serve, not fear.
  • Your life and business will be in harmony and balance.
  • You will be doing what you love and being paid for it!
  • You will feel deeply connected to the work you do, the value you provide and the benefits your clients are experiencing.
  • You will radiate energy that magnetizes your clients to you and you will feel deserving of the money they pay you.
  • You will “feel” successful in your business and your life!

If you are struggling with not having enough time, money, confidence, energy or support, this program was designed with you in mind!

If you are constantly being inspired with new ideas that make you feel like “THIS IS IT!” only to be disappointed by the lack of results.

If you are tired of your emotional pendulum swinging back and forth from” I AM SO CLOSE to Will This EVER Happen?!”  this is the program that will change that forever !!



If you want to find out whether this program will make a difference in your business (and your life!), sign up for a FREE Energy Diagnostic Session with Casey by clicking here.

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