If you are a woman who wants to be the best version of yourself, who recognizes your flaws far more easily than your brilliance, and doesn’t feel you’re being and doing “enough”.  One who has always felt DIFFERENT, special (even if you didn’t know why) and you’re feeling like something is missing, like you’re not WHOLE.  Like you’re not living up to your potential, not fully living your life, your primary focus needs to be uncovering and eliminating the fears, doubts, insecurities, coping mechanisms and behavior patterns that are overwhelming and silencing the wisest part of you.  So you can shine like you are meant to.  

Who You Are

  • You have always felt that you are DIFFERENT.  SPECIAL.  When you were younger you didn’t need to know why or how, you just knew.  But now you find yourself doubting that more often and needing to know WHY and HOW. 
  • You want more, more from yourself and more from your life.  You know you are capable of so much more than you are experiencing right now.  You know there is more TO you and more FOR you in this life, but nothing is fixing it, nothing is “hitting the spot”.
  • You want to shine bright in everything you do.  You always want to be the best, feel the best. 
  • You want to know you’re living your best life and feeling like you’re not gives you sleepless nights. 
  • You are a woman who sets impossibly high standards for yourself and your life and when you don’t meet them, you are your harshest critic.
  • You don’t feel WHOLE.  You feel like something is MISSING.
  • Sometimes you don’t feel like your life has really “started” yet. 
  • No matter how tough it gets you do believe in yourself and that keeps you going when you need it most.   

What Your Issues Tend To Be

  • You always feel like there’s more you should be doing.  You’re very critical of yourself and you beat yourself up for not being where you thought you’d be. 
  • You always want to “get it right”.  You want “it” to be perfect – and “It” = almost everything in your life.
  • You hold on tight so everything will go smoothly and when it doesn’t, you hold on tighter
  • You’re a curious seeker who loves to learn and everything you’re opening up to is telling you that there is more for you, but it’s still not quite helping you get it – at least not as quickly as you’d like.
  • Things are opening up for you but it’s hard for the people in your life to fully “get it”.
  • You feel like there’s a whole world of opportunity in front of you but you’re not sure where you fit in to it.  You’re in a bit of limbo b/c you’ve opened doors you don’t want to close, but you’re still left asking yourself, “now what?”. 

What You Need Most

  • You need someone who’s been in the same situation to understand where you are and how you’re feeling. 
  • You need someone to help you sort through what you really want from your life.
  • You need to understand what emotional “holes” you have that are preventing you from being able to fully be the woman you have always had inside of you.
  • You need someone who can help you understand and diffuse the resistance, fear and insecurities of those around you.
  • You need the tools to re-discover her and to help her come fully out of her hiding place into the world.
  • You need someone who understands the miracles that you’re experiencing who has her feet planted firmly on the ground and can help you integrate all of this into your life in a way that will strengthen, fortify and empower you.
  • All you really want to do is SHINE YOUR LIGHT, it’s in your nature, it’s who you are. 

How Casey Can Help

Casey works with women like you through a variety of programs – private, group, self-paced. All designed to Build You Up from the Inside Out.  

Each program meets you WHERE YOU ARE NOW and supports you with the tools and strategies you need to get to your next level.



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