Client Success Stories

The Result Was Amazing – I Doubled My Annual Income


Before working with Casey I had trouble separating my business and personal responsibilities. I had a steady flow of work, but felt overwhelmed and not sure how I could ever make more money when I already felt maxed out with my time. Working with Casey helped me gain clarity on how I could adjust my current business model to make more money without investing more time. After clearing some blocks, I put together a new program for existing clients, and actually had the courage to hold intimidating sales conversations with those clients. The result was amazing – all five clients agreed to the terms, helping me double my annual income!

Not only did working with Casey help me face my fear of sales, sparking an increase in income, but my personal life has improved as well. I have started asking for help when I need it – which is a huge step for me!

If you are considering a mentorship with Casey, prepare for stunning results! I highly recommend that you make the commitment to yourself, your personal and your business growth. Thank you, Casey, for steering me toward the path of success!

- Rachel Dunham, Hummingbird Creative Concepts

I’m not only a Better Business Woman, I’m a Better Mother, Wife, Daughter & Friend

Heather WoodMy biggest challenge was feeling like starting my own business was somehow going to hurt my family. I was afraid that I was going to waste my family’s hard earned money, making my husband resent me and hurt my children by not being with them as much and not having the resources to provide them with a wonderful life. Casey’s guidance helped me build a business where the opposite of all those things are actually true! I am know able to help provide financially, am able to set my own hours so I can balance work and motherhood and do something I love to do!!

My whole perspective on life has changed. I know that anything is possible and that my dreams and goals are 100 percent achievable. I have discovered my purpose in life and get to do it every day. I am a much happier and confident person. I am not only a better business woman, but a better mother, wife, daughter and friend. I no longer feel stuck in my own way and held back by my fears.

I went from feeling completely stuck and defeated by life to feeling like the sky is the limit and everything and anything is possible. I’m living proof that dreams come true and I credit Casey’s help getting me there! Working with Casey will be the best investment you ever make.

- Heather Wood, BodyLove

My Business Is Continuing To Thrive, Even In a Down Economy… And We’re Even Expanding!

Lois WoodMy business was attracting lots of very small businesses, solo entrepreneurs, that didn’t understand how to work with a graphic designer or web designer. They tended to have tiny budgets or no budget at all for the work they needed, so they were always surprised and unprepared for the cost. We spent a ton of time educating them, which was a drain on our time, with no income to show for it.

Although we had an “ideal client” in mind, it was rare that we actually got that kind of client. About halfway, through my program with Casey, the phone suddenly started ringing, the emails started coming in … with those exact ideal clients!. I think in one week we got four calls from perfect clients! And it’s continued on from there, with the clients getting bigger all the time, AND easier to work with!

My business is continuing to thrive, even in a down economy, and we’re even expanding, I’m able to delegate more work to my team, and adding new programs and services as customers request them. If you’re considering working with Casey all I can say is, I wish I had done this 15 years ago!

- Lois Wood, LW Creative Group

I Felt Inspired AND Empowered After My Session with Casey!

Stacey CorbettLike many of us, I knew the areas of my life I had been avoiding dealing with. As a new business owner, it was time to step ALL the way up. In deciding to work with Casey, I was making a long-overdue commitment to getting to the core of it, and take ownership of my role in it all.

The 1/2 day session was like a Therapy Bonanza!- I got to tell Casey my story for 4 hours—it felt so indulgent! We had a rough agenda for the call and talked through everything thoroughly that had come up in my assessment. But Casey allowed the session to take us in another direction when that was appropriate—and we worked together, adjusting and readjusting so everything kept making more and more sense.

To verbalize an action plan, particularly in the context of accountability—mainly to Myself, was like breathing life into it.

I felt Inspired AND Empowered after my session with Casey! Yay, me! I felt like I had a clear vision of the person I was on my way to becoming. For too long, I had an inner dialog about the work to be done… It’s been such a relief to speak the words aloud and make things happen!

I can’t wait for my next session with Casey! Xoxo

- Stacey Corbett, Owner

You Are Fantastic! Thanks For All of Your Help.

Nancy O'KeefeI want to that you for all of your great coaching over the last few months. As you know, I have owned several businesses with much success but I had a few blocks starting this one and you were amazing helping me work through to the other side and tap into what I needed to make it happen. You are fantastic. Thanks again for all of your help.

- Nancy O’Keefe, Simple Small Business Solutions

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