Step Into Your Brilliance

Your Find Your ROAR Brilliance™ Connects you
to your most Powerful, Divine, Brilliant Self!

Made of powerful healing crystals that bring you strength and energy.

Hi Casey,

I just wanted to tell you a cute story.  My daughter had MCAS this week and each morning before school I had her Step Into Her Brilliance circle to remember how brilliant she is and how easily Physics came to her.  She used it to call her angels of Physics and testing to be with her.  I got a text after the first test and she said how easy it was.  If you knew how she struggles in Physics you’d be as excited as I was!  Thank you for your Brilliance in creating that beautiful circle of remembrance.

Have a great day, Mary
Mary Pillsbury, Scituate, MA


Step Into Your Brilliance™ to:

  • Connect with Your Inner Goddess
  • Ground Your Energy
  • Create Intentions
  • Manifest Your Desires-Visualize & Magnetize!


When you are truly connected with your Highest, Most Powerful Self you are capable of anything!  Use Your Brilliance™ to help you make that connection.

It is a simple tool that has a BIG impact:

  1. Place Your Brilliance™ on the floor in front of you.
  2. Now take a “Step” Into Your Brilliance™
  3. Use the Brilliance™ workbook or create your own exercises.
  4. You can also wear it around your neck

PRICE:  $47

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