Testimonial: Cindi Carey

 When I met Casey I was overwhelmed and confused about how to handle all I had on my plate (owning a small hair salon, a health and wellness business and side jobs as a decorator; being a mom to three boys and coaching their sports teams).  I loved them all and didn’t want to give any of it up while striving to be the perfect mother. 


I found myself working like crazy, trying to keep up an impossible pace and not having real success at any of my businesses.  I felt unappreciated and miserable.  I wanted to grow my businesses but felt I had no support and that I wasn’t good enough at any of them to be really successful. 

When I started working with Casey I had a plan for what she needed to help me do.  I had no idea where this journey would take us, nor did I think I would be on my current path.  I am amazed at the soul searching I have done and the method by which Casey leads me through it.  She never gives me an answer to a situation nor does she take my quick, surface answers.  She has a gentle way of reminding me that my first response is likely not the real reason for my feelings and guides me through the process of reaching deep to uncover the emotion or belief that makes me believe something is not possible, my fault , or unattainable. 

When I compare how I originally felt about myself and the people around me to how I feel now it is shocking.  My whole mindset has shifted away from giving up something I love to blending everything into one business. Casey has helped me see how everything I do is connected and a reflection of who I really am.  The shift in my household is really coming along as well.  I have communicated my vision to my family so they understand why I work so hard and that I need their help (and they’re willing to give it!).  We are working as a team and enjoying each other more. 

Casey and I have worked hard to identify the little girl inside me that didn’t feel worthy of success and was always expected to fail.  I was terrified to fail or disappoint.  The embarrassment of “screwing up again” kept me from taking that leap in my life and my business.  Casey has helped me to see how strong and fearless that little girl was and I have made peace with her.  Now anything is within my reach.  I expect to be successful in all that I do and know that I can blend my family, my love for healthy living and my creative businesses all together to earn the income I want while enjoying my life.

 My salon has already started to improve and grow.  My employees are working hard at growing their businesses and we are enjoying great creative growth.  I just added a whole new product line to my health and wellness business and the beautiful people that have joined my team are a testament to my positive thinking.  Casey has taught me to put out into the universe that I am successful and I wish to share it with like-minded people.   I am amazed to see that once you believe that it will be- it happens.  The right people just start showing up and the opportunities present themselves. 

 Knowing what I know now, it is not surprising to me that Casey came my way.  I was praying for help and was desperate to put my world back together.  I could see all the wonderful elements in my life but they were all disconnected.  The lack of communication between me and everyone in my life was tearing us all apart.  Casey’s insight and gentle guidance has put us all on a loving, hardworking, path filled with small successes everyday and that is all that anyone could ask for.

 In love and gratefulness,

Cindi Carey

Cindi’s Hair Studio


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