Testimonial: Deborah Ogden

Before working with Casey I was a bit adrift in my art business.  I was feeling the need to create more financial reward for my talents and dedicated work.  I wasn’t quite sure about how best to direct my energy, or how to communicate to my potential clients and market.  I had vague ideas about how to accomplish the goal and was putting a lot of energy into idea generating and creating work, but not achieving and targeting where to put forth my finest effort.

What I have enjoyed about working with Casey is her strong intuitive support in just the areas I was lacking clarity, enabling me to find and believe in my own internal guidance, and to trust it. Working with her as a coach motivated me to: kick up my self-discipline, and explore avenues of interest that I would not have otherwise considered, thereby fostering real growth.  Since working with Casey I have increased my sense of self-confidence, clarified my goals, and realized much greater potential.

As I continue to develop personally and professionally, my business has expanded, I am now doing things that I would not have envisioned for myself a year ago.

Deborah G. Ogden

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