Testimonial: Mary Pillsbury

I had this business that I loved and was told I was gifted at. I had a beautiful room to practice in and yet it wasn’t thriving as I felt it should be.  Word of mouth was the only way I was promoting my business because paid advertising didn’t seem to bring me any business.  I was feeling stuck, yet so ready to move ahead.  I had been manifesting the right person to be put in my path to help me break through whatever was holding me back…and then came Casey.

We had met before, but I never realized how gifted she was in Coaching.  She helped me beautifully explain what I do in my Reiki practice in a way that really came across to others.  Her intuitive skills opened up some blocks I would have never realized were even an issue for me.  I don’t know how she did it, but within the first week I had two new clients and my business has been growing ever since! I’m so glad I took a chance and invested in myself and my business.  It is the best money and time I’ve ever spent.  Thanks Casey!

~ Mary Pillsbury, Reiki Master

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