The Secret Formula to Getting Exactly What You Want

Despite how much fun I had on my vacation, by the end of the week I realized I was still really uptight.  I hadn’t been able to really relax and let go.  On Saturday I tapped into my Guides to ask them what I should do, what I should focus on for the week ahead and I didn’t hear anything but I saw a word flash in front of me RELAX.  So on Sunday I finally listened and sat outside in the sunshine to read a book (just for pure pleasure!).  I was unwinding.   It was glorious (not a word I use often without mocking tones, but it’s perfect here). 

By Monday I’d made a decision to incorporate this relaxation into my business.  So when I felt like taking a break I did.  When I couldn’t put my (second) book down, I didn’t.  Tuesday went the same way and a strange thing happened ….


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