Three Steps to a Winning Game

Three Steps to a Winning Game
“It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”
–Yogi Berra, legendary baseball player and coach.

Athletes know working with the best coaches and teammates is a winning strategy. Entrepreneurs choose to play the game by their own rules and define winning on their own terms. For business owners, these three things make a winning season in the big leagues of business: the Inner Game, the Game Plan, and Team Building.

• The Inner Game is about understanding your true purpose and living your full potential in order to build a business that works for you. Casey Kerr – Find Your ROAR will help you find out how to unleash your talents by FREEING YOU from the emotional “head trash” that’s slowing you down and stopping you.

• The Game Plan is about creating a high-scoring strategy to shape smarter entrepreneurial strategies and turn your passions into profits. Minette Riordan will help you create an action plan tailor-made for your life and your business(read Minette’s post here).

• Team Building is about attracting people who will invest in your success: partners, employees, and a fan base of wildly enthusiastic customers. Sandra Larkin, the Metaphor Maven will develop inspired branding and marketing to show them who you are, what you do, and why you’re the best (read Sandra’s post here).

When you listen to successful athletes at the top of their game – in any sport – the rituals, habits and practices they attribute to their success goes far beyond how they condition, train & strengthen their bodies. The most successful athletes devote time and energy to their Inner Game. They recognize that what goes on in their heads, hearts and souls is even more important than the way they prepare their bodies for the challenges they face. The same is true for entrepreneurs.

Strategic and marketing plans are critical for the success of any business. But often even when you know EXACTLY what you have to do, you find yourself putting it off, getting distracted, and doing other things. Sometimes you know exactly what you want to say (introducing your services, answering a question, saying NO) but in the moment you lose the words. You open your mouth but your voice isn’t cooperating and the opportunity feels lost. Then you beat yourself up for the next hour over it.

Even with the most flawless plans, if you lack the emotional core muscles, the ROAR Muscles that sustain, drive and fuel you, you may feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, working hard, but not getting any real traction. Your products and/or services are essentially the gifts, talents and experience you have to share. In order to reach the level of success you desire, you have to be able to communicate it how effective, amazing and unique your offerings are, show your value, speak up for yourself, take consistent action, get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and face your fears. Having the ability to do shine from the inside out gives more power and strength to everything you do and magnetizes your ideal clients to you and your business.

Test the strength of your ROAR Muscles right here:

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