Three Ways to Stop Over-Analyzing and Start Doing


When I revamped my website and had a blog installed on it I promised myself I would actually use it.  So here I sit 6 months later and I am determined to keep my promise!  I have been so hell-bent on writing something valuable and earth shattering that I’ve been completely paralyzed and haven’t written anything at all.  Yet I have plenty of clients and peers who value my input and insight, so what’s my problem?  I’m glad you asked because it might be familiar to you too!

 I suffer from a disorder known as “Impossibly High Expectations Leading to Complete Inaction” Disorder.  The bad news is it’s very common.  The good news is it’s completely treatable.  I’m expecting to make a full recovery and I’d like to help you if you’re suffering from it too. 

How do you recognize this ailment?  You might be afflicted with this disorder if you:

  • Consistently beat yourself up about something you know you “should” be doing
  • Find you regularly procrastinate on a particular activity
  • Wish you could “just do it”
  • Understand the benefit of doing it, but you just can’t bring yourself to execute
  • Feel really relieved and proud of yourself when you actually do it

No matter how much the rational part of me knows that I have to share my information, tips, philosophies, and tools with you, the control freak in me always struggles with letting go of the idea that it has to be perfect before I can put it out there.  This unrealistic expectation has kept me from sharing stories, ideas and solutions and it’s caused me to miss opportunities to:

  • Build relationships with prospects who need my help
  • Appeal to potential referral sources
  • Grow my business and make more money

If you are among the afflicted, then it’s having the same effects on you!

So what can you do to combat this crippling ailment?  As a control freak “in recovery” I can tell you that there are three things you can do right now: 

  • Shift your mindset – Recognize that it’s holding you back in your business (and probably in other areas of your life).  Failing to take action always results in missed opportunities.  Comfort yourself with the knowledge that anything you do is temporary.  It can be changed, improved, tweaked or replaced at any time.  It’s for now, not for-ever and as I’ve learned working with Christian Mickelson (ultra successful business coach), “done is better than perfect”. 
  • Recognize why you’re REALLY procrastinating – I always procrastinate when it comes to writing.  I get paralyzed at the idea of writing articles, stressing over what will be interesting, helpful and supportive of the growth of your business.  I’m a pretty decent writer, so it’s not the activity of writing that’s the problem, it’s knowing what to say.  It’s the same thing with Social Media.  I get paralyzed thinking that I have to come up with the “perfect” thing to say.  I stress over the length and whether it’s juicy, helpful, and valuable enough.  Then frustrated I move on to something else.  Recently it occurred to me that every day I hear from my clients what you’re facing and what you need support with, why not use that?  Light bulb moment!  So I’ve started keeping notes and using them in short bursts (like this one!).  So, ask yourself what you’re  putting off and WHY. 
  • Get some support! Every day, I look at my “to do” list and I realize that some of the things that I am putting off are things that I struggle with (anything technology related) or don’t like.  If you feel like you can’t afford to hire someone to do it for you, then get creative.  Find someone who is looking for extra money and ask them if they’re interested in doing some projects for you.  Barter with someone who knows how to do something you don’t.  I was bartering my coaching services with a friend who does massage and bodywork.  Ask a friend!  I was looking for a title for this article and I emailed it to my friend, she gave me some title suggestions, editing suggestions and she doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to ask her to post it for me too!    

If you are truly committed to growing your business, serving your clients and sharing your gifts then you will do whatever it takes.  What are you prepared to do? 

I’d love to hear what you’ve been putting off and procrastinating about, so tell me your story!


Big Hugs and a Big ROAR!!!


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