Weathering the Storms In Your Business – Are You Prepared?

Weathering the Storms In Your Business – Are You Prepared?

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For the past few weeks New England has withstood several feet of crippling snowfall from so many different storms we’ve stopped counting. Instead of measuring inches, we’re measuring feet and instead of predicting snow totals one exhausted forecaster predicted it would be “plow-able”. Conversations centered around Snow-maggedon and the Snow-pocalypse, speculation about its end and the hope of seeing blue sky and green grass.

In business as in winter, storms happen, but with anticipation, preparation and communication, a potential disaster can be transformed into a temporary inconvenience.

Maintaining inner strength is critical to the survival of your business.

In storms of this magnitude buildings collapse, budgets are overextended, tensions run high, systems break down, and revenue is lost. Maintaining inner strength is critical to the survival of your business.

Whatever crisis or “storm” your business is facing externally (weather-related, economy-driven, financial, etc.) it’s always the internal crisis that poses the biggest threat. When your business is your “baby” it’s a constant challenge not to internalize everything.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

The self-induced thoughts of fear, doubt and criticism are crippling. Your thoughts are the forefathers of your actions and decisions – YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE YOUR REALITY. So any battle that you fight with your own mind is much more challenging, frightening and REAL than anything you’ll face outside. When your bank account is empty and the creditors are at the door it’s real, and it’s scary. The most powerful tools you have at your disposal are your mind and your mindset. If you choose to feed your fear it will grow; if you choose to feed your belief in yourself that will grow too.

Opportunities & Miracles Are Only As Far Away As You Believe Them To Be

Big opportunities and financial miracles are always only as far away as you believe them to be. I’m not talking about sitting and hoping for magic to happen. I am talking about being the quarterback of your business and throwing a Hail Mary pass in the final seconds of a game. You with a clear vision, passion, desire, experience and well-conditioned emotional muscles creating an opportunity that can turn things around in an instant. Hail Mary passes are dramatic, they require faith, talent, trust and experience to pull off. And oh how glorious they are to watch! When the ball lands in the receiver’s hands you catch your breath and then scream at the top of your lungs. You know the talent was there all the time, but it’s the faith and trust required to take the chance that makes all the difference. It’s the intestinal fortitude required to stay focused amid the fear, the obstacles, and the drama that created the magic.

Here are 3 keys to weathering any storm in your business (and your life!):

1. Believe And Trust In Yourself
When you believe in yourself you can get through anything without letting other people’s opinions, comments or judgments infiltrate your belief in who you are and what you are capable of. One client I worked with was a “people-pleaser” regularly bullied by coworkers, up-levels & family. She knew she had something to offer, she was passionate about the business she joined and the products they sold, but she was constantly being told that she couldn’t make it. Her internal dialog made her a victim. We worked together to strengthen her emotional muscles, her ROAR Muscles™. She learned to trust her instincts and believe in her self; to validate and accept herself. Her confidence grew immensely with a shift in her mindset from bullied victim to peaceful warrior. The bullying stopped and she enjoyed being actively recruited by a number of successful multi-level marketing professionals who loved her energy and personality.

2. Stay Focused On Your Vision, What You Want To Create – What’s Important To You.
Remember your “why”, what’s important to you? Why did you start your business, what motivated and inspired you? Keep whatever or whomever lit that spark close to your heart, so you can remain inspired and motivated to continue moving forward. In the first few years of my business I experienced a lot of “dark nights of the soul”, money fears that were so intense I felt like my intestines were twisted like balloon animals at a kid’s birthday party. But I kept remembering the young woman I had been, the one who thought she’d always be ALONE, and I knew I had to find the strength to stand up for her and all the other women out there who felt like I had.

3. Build Your Strength from the Inside Out
Build your strength from the inside out so you can manage the emotions inside and the challenges outside – especially in times of crisis. A strong foundation allows you to stand tall, it’s true for buildings and it’s true for people. Strong core emotional muscles – ROAR Muscles™ gives you a strong foundation, the fortitude to persevere, the clarity and determination to stay focused on your vision, the peace of mind and calm to work through your emotions and the ability to execute even in the chaos of a crisis so you can move forward.

To learn more about YOUR ROAR Muscles™ and the tools and strategies you can use to keep you calm, strong and confident in any storm, go here to test the strength of your ROAR Muscles™ and here to access a powerful crisis management tool.

This blog post is part two of a three part series on Weathering the Storms in your Business. Yesterday’s post by Minette Riordon. Tomorrow’s post by Sandra Larkin will share her expert take on managing communications during a disaster. Come back here for the direct links to more great insights into how to anticipate, prepare and communicate any business challenges.

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